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Tools to help you show and tell

Reaching your customers should be simple, so we've introduced features for staying in touch and ways to put you in charge of serving your customers.



Get noticed with Instagram integration

Put your business’s Instagram* account to work on our platform. Linking your account to Uber Eats automatically features your photos in the Uber Eats app.

Reply directly with review responses

Open a dialogue with your customers so you can join the conversation and have more control over their service experience.

Post the latest updates with Stories

When customers follow your business, your Stories will appear in their feeds. Just upload an image, add text, and we’ll do the rest. Stories can run for up to 7 days for free.



First, log in to Uber Eats Manager, and on the Marketing tab, select Create a Story.

Add in your Story


Submit for review

Once you’re satisfied with your Story, select the Submit for review button.

Get your business noticed with Instagram integration

Connect your Instagram account followers with your storefront to spotlight your business, show crowd-pleasing dishes, or share glowing reviews. Your photos will be featured automatically in the Uber Eats app.

How to link your Instagram

Link your accounts

Log in to your Instagram and Uber Eats Manager. Under Settings, select Connect to Instagram.

Confirm integration

Just authorize third-party access from Uber Eats, and your photos will appear automatically.

Join the conversation with review responses

Responding to reviews is a simple way to keep your customers engaged. Say thanks for a positive review or send offers to entice repeat business.

Show customers that you care


First, you’ll log in to Uber Eats Manager and select Reviews under the Feedback tab.

Choose the review

The most recent reviews are listed first. Select a review to respond to, and click on the Reply button.

Respond directly

Add your response as well as any offer code, and your customer will be notified by email.

Know your customers at a glance

From order received to order delivered, Customer Insights give you access to valuable customer data. You can see order frequency, loyalty metrics, sales trends, and more—all in one place.

How to find Customer Insights

To view your insights, log in to Uber Eats Manager and select the Insights tab. There, you’ll find tools and visuals to learn more about your diners and how to improve operations.

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