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Let your restaurant shine with Sponsored Listings

Make it easier for hungry customers to find your food. Use Sponsored Listings to advertise your restaurant and put it front and center in the Uber Eats feed.

How it works

Whether you want to reach more customers or support an existing Promotion or Loyalty Program, a Sponsored Listing can boost your ranking in the home feed.

Assign a weekly budget

You’ll be charged each time a customer clicks on your Sponsored Listing and can pause the campaign any time.

Choose your bid

Designate how much you want to pay for each click. A custom bid lets you decide the amount, while an automatic bid will adjust over time for you.

Track and optimize

Get insights on how your Sponsored Listing is performing and make adjustments to the budget or bid when you want.


  • Log in to Uber Eats Manager and navigate to the Marketing tab to get started. Choose an audience, weekly budget, and bid method and then go live.

  • Sponsored Listings are an advertising solution that help you gain visibility in the Uber Eats app by showing your restaurant in high traffic places. Sponsored listings are a second-price auction that occurs each time a user opens the app. The winner of the auction appears as a sponsored listing to the user.

  • The restaurant that has the highest bid and is most relevant for the specific user will win the auction, and their ad will become visible in the Uber Eats app. Your relevance to a user is determined by how likely that user is to order from you. For example, a salad restaurant will have a higher relevance score to a user that frequently orders salads versus a burger restaurant.

  • Pay only when customers click on your ads. Ad spend will be deducted from your store’s payout based on your existing payout schedule.

  • Your Sponsored Listing will appear in the home feed and search results. In the home feed, your storefront will be near the top with a label that reads ‘Sponsored.’

  • You can select specific audiences to target. When and where your Sponsored Listing shows up depends on your relevance to that customer and the strength of your bid—or how high it is—compared to other businesses.

  • Your Sponsored Listing campaign will run indefinitely, and you can pause it at any time. Choose a weekly budget from the options provided in Uber Eats Manager—these are calculated based on projected monthly sales. You can also set a custom budget if you prefer. So you don’t exceed your budget, your campaign will pause if you hit your weekly budget and restart the following week.

  • To run a Sponsored Listing, you need to choose how much you’re willing to pay for a click. This is called your “bid.” When and where your Sponsored Listing shows up depends on the strength of your bid—or how high it is—compared to other businesses. You can choose between automatic—the recommended bid method—or custom bids. By choosing automatic bidding, your bid will adjust over time to make sure it’s competitive while keeping your budget in mind.

  • It may take up to 48 hours for your ad to be live.

  • You can view your Sponsored Listing’s performance by logging in to Uber Eats Manager. See precise data on metrics like sales from ads, clicks, spend, and average cost per click. Use the insights to optimize your campaign to help drive more sales.

  • Yes, you can pause, edit, and resume your ads at any time. Your campaign will also pause if you hit your weekly budget and resume the following week.

  • Yes! Running multiple campaigns at once could maximize your results. With a variety of marketing solutions at your fingertips, there are many different ways for you to hit your restaurant’s goals. Want to get noticed? We’ve got Sponsored Listings for that. More customers? Create a Promotion to sweeten the deal. Better retention? Launch a Loyalty Program and keep customers coming back with rewards. For example, to further enhance your visibility in the app, use Sponsored Listings to support a Promotion or Loyalty Program. By positioning them higher in the feed, it’ll give your customers the extra incentive to click.

  • If you have questions about running a Sponsored Listing for your location, please reach out to your brand’s corporate team for more information.