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Setting up with Uber Eats

Now that you’ve signed up for Uber Eats, learn about the steps you can take in your first week to start taking orders. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for our live webinar training where you can learn more about the setup process and ask any questions you have.

Day 1: Your first steps

Learn what to expect when you get started with Uber Eats for Restaurants.

Days 2-4: Check your menu

Learn how to review and update your menu, hours and pricing through Menu Maker.

Days 3-5: Receive your tablet (if applicable)

Learn how you can track your Uber Eats tablet that is on the way.

Days 3-7: Start accepting orders

Learn how to start taking orders, what to expect on day one and ways to let customers know you’re open for business with Uber Eats.

Have any questions or need help?

Choose from the options below to get help with your account and orders.

Help Center

Search your issue on our Help Center’s FAQ page.

Call or text

Call or text 1-833-ASK-EATS for 24/7 live support. If you call, press 1 for Restaurants, then, press 2 if you haven’t completed an order yet. You can also click below to reach out.