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Online Ordering, optimized for your brand

Enable a new commission-free revenue stream for your business by offering online ordering for pickup and delivery, directly from your website. Leverage best-in-class Uber Eats features and powerful technology to fulfill orders.

Online Ordering is available to select partners now; we're offering zero commission and waived merchant fees for 2020. Restaurants will pay only a 2.5% fee to cover payment processing costs.

Provide delivery and pickup on your website, powered by Uber technology.

We’ll handle the basics, with no disruptions to your order flow:

  • Manage your products in Menu Maker so eaters can browse everything you offer
  • Receive and manage orders through POS or Restaurant Dashboard
  • Track sales and trends in Restaurant Manager

Choose the order type that works for you:

  • Deliver orders to your customers by connecting with delivery people using the Uber Eats Platform at no cost
  • Deliver orders with your own delivery staff
  • Let customers pickup orders in person

Serve a first-class customer experience with Uber’s unrivaled feature set:

  • Order tracking with map for you and your customers
  • Your customers can text or call delivery people directly
  • Dedicated Uber support
  • Group ordering for larger tickets
  • Scheduled orders for planning ahead

Your website. Your customers. Commission-free. Powered by Uber.

Commission-free pricing

Waived setup and merchant fees through 2020 and zero marketplace commissions on pickup and delivery orders placed through your website. Pay only a 2.5% fee to cover payment processing costs.

Your customers, your way

Own your marketing and brand with an online ordering platform on your website. Access your customer data* and expand your reach.

Stay fresh with new technology

We’re constantly building. Get automatic access to new features as they rollout, with no action required on your part.

Setup is quick and easy

Leverage your existing partnership with Uber to power your menu, order management, order tracking, and support.

Boost your performance with tailored insights

Grow your business with promotions, offer personalized eater experiences using Uber’s recommendation algorithm, and track sales, all from Uber Eats Restaurant Manager.

Convert first timers into loyal customers

Use Uber’s own loyalty platform to turn new customers into regulars, using incentivized offers in Restaurant Manager. Available this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Restaurant can access customer data subject to opt-in from customer during checkout