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Attract new regulars with a loyalty program

Reward customers with a loyalty program that keeps them coming back. Easily customized to meet your business needs, loyalty programs offer a way to build long-lasting relationships with your restaurant’s biggest fans all while helping your restaurant stand out.

How it works

Sign in

Sign in to Uber Eats Manager and look for the “Marketing” page.


Select the program type, then choose your earning criteria and reward.

Go live & reward

Customers earn rewards from your restaurant so they’ll know who to thank for the treat.

Deliver, reward, repeat

A loyalty program can help you:


  1. Attract new regulars: Entice new customers to order and build relationships that keep loyal customers coming back.
  2. Get more eyes on your restaurant: Restaurants with loyalty programs show up in a featured section of the app and get their own special branding.
  3. Increase sales: Restaurants with a loyalty program get more sales—typically up to 10%* more.


*Based on pilots in the US and Costa Rica from September 2019 to February 2020 that included over 1,000 restaurants.