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A network of people, at your service

Delivery people using the Uber platform help you get food to your customers. When everyone connects on the platform, everyone wins — especially your business.

When customers order on the Uber Eats app, the Uber platform connects you to delivery people that get your food to customers — supported by our tech.

Helping you deliver further

Your city has delivery people using the Uber platform who are on bikes, scooters, and driving cars. By joining the platform you can expand your delivery zone.

Transparent tracking for customers

If you partner with Uber Eats, your customers can track their entire order in the app at each step. Our tech estimates food prep times — which you can adjust if you need to — and smart dispatching.

Efficiency for big orders

More than one order at a time? A single delivery person may arrive to reduce your in-house traffic by delivering food to more than one customer. Big order? A car instead of a bike may arrive, where possible.

Delivery people using the platform can help you get your food where it needs to be, making customers very happy.

Professional delivery people

We help connect you to delivery people using the Uber platform. With each order, the app provides notes from restaurants and customers to help delivery people offer reliable service.


You and your customers can leave feedback in the app to let delivery people know what you think about the delivery.


Delivery people using the app get access to cash-back on gas, daily treats, and more.

Lower your fees and give customers more choices with these flexible alternatives on the Uber Eats platform.

Use your own delivery staff

Get the perks of our partnership, plus extra control and a lower fee. It’s part of how we make the Uber Eats platform work for any type of restaurant.

Let customers pick up orders

Offering Pickup is an easy way to satisfy customer demand, expand your reach, and drive sales — all with a lower marketplace fee to your restaurant.

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