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Offer Pickup, enjoy a lower fee

Offering Uber Eats Pickup to your customers is an easy way to expand your reach and drive sales.

Already a partner? If you'd like to offer Pickup and it's available in your city, contact or your account manager. Not in your city yet? We’re working on expanding.

Get set up fast

Let us know you'd like to offer Pickup and we'll handle the rest. Once set up, customers simply arrive to get their order.

Stand out in the app

Reach customers beyond your delivery zone! Restaurants offering Pickup are clearly labeled in the app and visible to every Uber Eats user in your city.

Boost your bottom line

Orders through Pickup carry a lower Uber Eats marketplace fee. So far, Pickup customers tend to place more orders than delivery customers.*

Looking to drive in the dinner crowd?

50% of Uber Eats Pickup orders occur between 4pm and 9pm.**

When the Uber Eats team presented this new opportunity, we jumped on it. Pickup not only helped increase sales — we’re getting a lot of positive feedback from our guests.

Use the Uber platform

Connect with delivery people using the platform to get your food to customers quickly — so you can focus on growing your business.

Use your own delivery staff

Get the perks of our partnership, plus extra control and a lower fee. It’s part of how we make the Uber platform work for any type of restaurant.

*Based on Pickup/Dine-in in Dallas, San Diego, Austin and Phoenix

**Based on internal data as of February 2019

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