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Stand out with your own in-app marketing

Attract more customers by offering promotions. So far, partners running an offer saw up to a 50% increase in orders.* You can easily set up, customize, and track a marketing campaign of your own in Restaurant Manager.

How it works

Set up

Sign in to your Restaurant Manager account and look for the “Marketing” page.


Select the offer you’d like to run, then choose your audience, timeframe, and budget.

Go live

Track, adjust, or end your offer yourself, without paying any extra fees to Uber Eats.

Marketing campaigns are easy to manage

  1. Create, edit, and track your offer right in Restaurant Manager.
  2. Target your offer exclusively to new customers or to all users on the Uber Eats app in your area.
  3. See custom budget recommendations based on your location and order history.
  4. View analytics for the promotion you’re running in your performance dashboard.

“You can even track how it’s performing, which gives a real-time feel for your marketing efforts. That’s a game changer.”


  • Log in to Restaurant Manager and choose your offer type to get started.

  • Your offer will be featured in the Uber Eats app - both in your restaurant card in the feed and on your menu page to select customers in your delivery radius. Customers can also see the offer whenever your restaurant comes up in their search results, categorized by cuisine, dish, or name.

  • We give our restaurant partners the choice to share their offer with all customers within their delivery radius, or to share with only new customers who have never ordered from that restaurant location before. This is designed to help you grow your business in the most efficient way possible.

  • You can end your offer at any time via Restaurant Manager. One click and your offer will be removed from the app. However, please note that you will set a maximum budget at launch, so your offer will automatically expire the minute you hit your max.

  • We’re hard at work developing promotions such as Spend More, Save More, Free and Discounted Delivery Fee, Buy One, Get One, Menu Item Savings, and more. Log in to Restaurant Manager to see which offers are available now!

  • Offers work just as they would in your restaurant and require no extra cost to Uber Eats. Your marketplace fee will apply to the post-promo amount. Your restaurant will pay NO additional fees to Uber Eats per offer or per redemption. The only additional cost to your business is the discount of goods. For example, if you run a $3 off a $15 order, your restaurant covers the $3 as a part of your marketing budget specified at the time the campaign launches. Setting a budget ensures the offer ends once your budget is met.

  • You can run one offer for up to 7 consecutive days in a row. You can also end your offer at anytime without penalty.

  • You can view all offer redemptions by logging in to Restaurant Manager. We will let you know how many customers redeem your offer, how many new customers you gained from the promotion, and the total sales driven.

  • In order to access offers, restaurants must demonstrate a high level of reliability and commitment to a quality customer experience. If you have questions, please contact or your account manager for more information.

  • If you have questions about whether or not you should run an offer at your location, please reach out to your brand’s corporate team for more information.

  • Please contact or your account manager for more information.

*Based on 7/16/18 - 1/19/19 data from restaurants offering promotions, receiving 10+ orders per week in United States and Canada.

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