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Stand out with your own in-app marketing

Attract more customers by offering promotions. So far, partners running an offer saw up to a 50% increase in orders.* You can easily set up, customize, and track a marketing campaign of your own in Restaurant Manager.

How it works

Set up

Sign in to your Restaurant Manager account and look for the “Marketing” page.


Select the offer you’d like to run, then choose your audience, timeframe, and budget.

Go live

Track, adjust, or end your offer yourself, without paying any extra fees to Uber Eats.

Marketing campaigns are easy to manage

  1. Create, edit, and track your offer right in Restaurant Manager.
  2. Target your offer exclusively to new customers or to all users on the Uber Eats app in your area.
  3. See custom budget recommendations based on your location and order history.
  4. View analytics for the promotion you’re running in your performance dashboard.

“You can even track how it’s performing, which gives a real-time feel for your marketing efforts. That’s a game changer.”


*Based on 7/16/18 - 1/19/19 data from restaurants offering promotions, receiving 10+ orders per week in United States and Canada.