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How Uber Eats works for you

With Uber Eats, you're getting the partnership, tools, and data to help restaurants like yours thrive in a changing industry. Here’s where we fit in at each step.

Setup and support on day one

With a starter kit and free food photo shoot, plus our order and menu management software, we get you looking great in the Uber Eats app and ready to satisfy customers.

Manage orders with efficient tools

See how you can boost your front-of-house workflow with our Restaurant Dashboard. Once you’re a partner, we’ll help you integrate orders from customers using the Uber Eats app with your existing POS to keep the whole staff in sync.*

Deliver the way you want

Offer reliable delivery to your customers with the flexibility you need. Connect with delivery people using the Uber platform, use your own delivery staff, or try a combination.

Expand your marketing

Run promotions, get a boost from Uber’s marketing reach—and enjoy more big opportunities to reach new customers in your city.

Get data that matters

Bring your performance into focus with insightful, actionable analytics. See key details like sales and customer feedback, with the context you need to act.

We listen, and build

Make the most of your partnership with Uber Eats

Check out the Uber Eats partner guide to see all the ways you can use our tools and solutions to reach your restaurant's business goals.

Go deeper with our resources

Read how-to guides, get insights on how the platform works, and find answers in our FAQ.

*Additional terms and conditions apply.