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Partner with Uber Eats and do more for your restaurant

Uber Eats is a technology platform helping businesses worldwide expand their reach, delight customers and boost their bottom line. Partner with us today.

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  • Unlock new growth

    Thousands of Uber Eats app users may be searching for food in your area. By partnering with Uber Eats and adding your restaurant to the platform, we can help you reach those users.

  • Delight customers

    With reliable delivery from delivery persons using the Uber platform, you can satisfy customers with the food they want – when and where they want it.

  • Manage it all with ease

    Orders can run smoothly with Uber Eats restaurant software, flexible integration options and support when you need it.


How Uber Eats works for restaurant partners

Customers order

A customer finds your restaurant and places an order through the Uber Eats app.

You prepare

Your restaurant accepts and prepares the order.

Delivery persons arrive

Delivery persons using the Uber platform pick up the order from your restaurant, then deliver it to the customer.

‘Uber Eats extends our brand awareness to neighbourhoods that wouldn't normally be exposed to us.’

Diana Yin

Owner, Poppy + Rose, Los Angeles

Questions? We've got answers.

  • Uber Eats is a platform that connects customers, restaurant partners and delivery partners in a marketplace. The technology we provide maintains the Uber Eats marketplace by both balancing the interests and improving the experiences of all users.

    Uber Eats technology connects users by allowing:

    • Eaters to search for and order items from merchants
    • Merchants to advertise and sell their items to a wide base of eaters
    • Independent delivery persons to deliver items to eaters as subcontractors of Uber Eats

    For an overview of the responsibilities of each participant in the Uber Eats marketplace click below.

  • Your fees include:

    • Activation Fee - a fee payable once per location that contributes to the costs of setting you up with a welcome kit, tablet, and professional photo shoot. This fee may be deducted from your Item Payments in weekly instalments.
    • Uber Eats Fee - fee is charged to you for every order you receive from your customers via the Uber Eats app. It varies depending on the option you choose.

    Information about our standard fees can be found here.

  • The Uber platform can connect you with independent drivers, bike and scooter riders and walkers who deliver to your customers. Because of the network of delivery persons using the Uber platform, restaurants don’t have to keep their own delivery staff. But if you do have your own staff, we’re flexible – you can use them too. Reach out to or directly to your Uber Eats contact to see if this option is now available in your city.

  • An order can be completed through different options, including:

    • Uber Delivery Option - where Uber Eats will provide delivery services to eaters who purchase items from merchants
    • Self-Delivery Option - where merchants can use their own delivery staff to deliver items
    • Non-Delivery Options - where merchants make the order available for the eater to pickup from their location (Pick-up) or allow the eater to dine-in at their location (Dine-in)

    For more information about how orders are completed, click below.

  • By signing up to Uber Eats, you will be agreeing to the following:

    These documents form your Uber Eats Merchant Agreement. You should read these terms closely before signing up, to ensure that you understand your responsibilities and obligations under the agreement.

    Your responsibilities are detailed in your Uber Eats agreement and include:

    • Setting the price of your items, ensuring the quality of your items, having accurate photos and descriptions of your items, and packaging your items appropriately;
    • Complying with law and the Uber Community Guidelines, obtaining the correct approvals to provide your items (such as food or alcohol) and maintaining sufficient insurance coverage; and
    • if you choose to use the Self-Delivery Option, engaging and managing your own delivery staff, setting your self-delivery fee and self-delivery area, providing delivery services to your customers, providing support to customers for self-delivery items, and ensuring that self-delivery items are delivered to customers safely and with reasonable care.

    A quick guide to key terms of the agreement is available below.

  • Uber provides you with access to relevant Uber owned apps and acts as your payment collection agent as well as processing payments and refunds.

    Uber’s local subsidiary, Portier Pacific also provides services under your agreement. Portier Pacific provides you with lead generation services and helps with invoicing and managing complaints, refund requests and your delivery settings. They will also provide delivery services to your customers, if you choose the Uber Delivery Option.

    Uber also handles complaints about items from customers on behalf of merchants. In limited circumstances, the cost of refunds will be deducted directly from merchant payouts. These refunds are managed in accordance with the policy here.

    A quick guide to key terms of the agreement is available below.

  • Depending on how many locations you have, it's possible to become an Uber Eats restaurant partner and start accepting order in just a few days! You can begin the process by signing up here. We're excited to hear from you!

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