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Halal Bros Grill stands out from the crowd with Uber Eats marketing solutions

Halal chicken, gyros, salads

2 restaurants in Queens, New York

Reach new customers and grow business

Located close to a bustling shopping center, Halal Bros Grill in Queens, New York, is a popular spot with locals and visitors. In order to capture both audiences, owner Merwais Popal relies on Uber Eats to help him connect with customers looking for a healthy, tasty meal while on the go or at home.

Popal and his team have taken advantage of the compelling marketing solutions available in Uber Eats Manager. These include Promotions that highlight special discounts, and Sponsored Listings, which help increase the visibility of restaurant partners within the Uber Eats app.

“While we are social media–savvy and have built a strong following on Instagram, it tends to connect us with folks who already know our name. We really rely on Uber Eats to help new customers find us and give the restaurant a try. The repeated exposure we have on it is key to connecting with them.”

Merwais Popal, Owner

Halal Bros Grill started by running a number of Uber Eats Promotions that proved to be very successful. These included $0 Delivery Fee; $8 off $30 order; and buy one, get one free menu item. Promotions have helped to drive their average ticket size higher.

“We designed our Uber Eats Promotions and menu structure in a way that has really helped to build incremental revenue,” says Popal. When you take a ticket from $12 to $20, it makes a big difference when consistently repeated.”

Halal Bros Grill has invested in Sponsored Listings, an advertising solution that helps provide greater visibility in the Uber Eats app by showcasing Halal Bros Grill in high-traffic spots.

“Uber Eats Sponsored Listings have been great for added exposure,” says Popal. “My take is that you have to spend money to make money, and they really help us gain more eyeballs in the app. Every single opportunity to get in front of potential customers helps.”

Loyalty Program builds engagement

With the opening of their second location, Popal launched a Loyalty Program to customers. They had one in place and were pleased with the initial results.

“As we move into the winter months, our Uber Eats Loyalty Program will be important for driving repeat business for us,” adds Popal. “It will also help to build loyalty for our new location. I’m curious to see where we can take it.”


ROA for Sponsored Listings: 5.6

Promotions: 34% of recent redemptions were from new customers

*Return on ad (ROA) and Promotion figures are from September-December 2020. These data points are not a guarantee, and performance will vary depending on the restaurant, location, and exact market conditions.

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