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Launch a virtual restaurant

Virtual restaurants are delivery-focused concepts you can run out of your current kitchen, optimized with Uber Eats data. This allows you to connect to delivery people using the Uber Eats platform, giving restaurants like yours an additional way to feed local demand without the risk of opening a new brick-and-mortar.

On average, partners with virtual restaurants saw a sales increase of more than 50%.*

Innovate with Uber Eats data

We can help you identify what customers are already searching for in your area, so you can base your virtual restaurant's offerings on insights.

Experiment with little risk

Test new menus, items, and hours—without the same risks of opening a brick-and-mortar. You can operate out of your current kitchen.

Unlock new business growth

Use the learnings you gain from your virtual restaurant’s data-focused menu to innovate and expand, or even grow a new business.

Hear about Navin’s virtual restaurant

“We definitely felt like Lucky Cat had an opportunity to fill a gap, especially with vegan cuisine. It’s been amazing to open up another restaurant concept within the same brick-and-mortar.”

Navin Hariprasad - Owner, Lucky Cat Vegan, Dallas, US

Ready to launch one of your own?

Join the thousands of virtual restaurants around the world!

Virtual restaurant FAQ

*Source: data from all active US/CAN partners, October 2018.