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मुख्य सामग्रीवर जा

जगभरातील रेस्टॉरंट्सच्या कथा

वैशिष्ट्यीकृत स्टोरी

  • सेगॉन समरला 30% बूस्ट मिळाला

  • बर्ड ऑन अ वायरचा वीकेंडचा सेल बंद झाला

  • झॅपोला आणखी डाइन-इन ग्राहक मिळाले


Hear from more restaurant partners

Coolhaus: cool, quirky, and crafted for delivery

Wokcano: how in-app promos attracted new customers

Chik’n: why a perfectionist prefers Uber Eats

Ha! Poke: from fresh tuna to fried chicken with a virtual restaurant

Dun Huang: traditional noodles, innovative delivery

Burger Factory: refreshing their brand while feeding local demand

Lucky Cat Vegan: feeding demand for plant-based cuisine in Texas

Poppy + Rose: SoCal comfort food, now in more places

Etto: using item-level data to boost their pasta business

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: going beyond the blender

Bagels by Krispy Kreme: selling more breakfast with virtual restaurants

Lions & Tigers & Squares: delivering Detroit-style pizza in NYC

द यिरॉस शॉप: ग्रीक कुटुंबाची परंपरा, ब्रिसबेनला डिलिव्हर केले

सिगॉन समर: डिलिव्हरीमधून आणि त्या ठिकाणी जाऊन खाणे यामध्ये 30% सूट मिळवत आहे

मिस चावचे: पर्थमधील उत्कृष्ट डम्प्लिंग डिलिव्हर केले

Pugsley Pizza: sending slices of Bronx history all over the city

Zappo: pizza delivery is driving dine-in in France

Bird on a Wire: how weekend delivery is helping sales soar

Bok a Bok: Driving more sales with Sponsored Listings

Carolina Ale House: driving new and repeat business

Halal Bros Grill: Standing out from the crowd