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Resources for success

Get information, support, and updates to help you make the most of your partnership with Uber Eats.

Prepare for your first order

Set up your menu, make adjustments to pricing and hours, and learn what to expect when accepting your first orders with Uber Eats.

How-to guides

Master the ins and outs of all that Uber Eats can do for you.

Restaurant Dashboard

The dashboard organizes each order into a step-by-step process.

Restaurant Manager

Use this all-purpose tool to manage and optimize your business.

Make the most of your menu

See how to optimize your in-app menu with customer data from Uber Eats.

How to grow your business

Get tips on boosting your business using the tools you get as a partner.

Uber Eats demystified

Get an inside look into what happens when customers order in the app.

Order accuracy guide

See how our order accuracy and fraud protection plan works for you.

Let customers know you're on Uber Eats

We're here to help you market to customers on your own social channels. Download pre-made social assets, website badges, logos, and more so you can get the word out there.

Order Uber Eats branded supplies

Get bags, stickers, and signs that boost your presence and let walk-in customers know you’re on the Uber Eats app.

FAQ for restaurants

We’re here to help. See answers to our restaurant partners’ most common questions.